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Because this is the last planting season before Shmitta, farmers can't plant trees next year and will be planting DOUBLE this year. One of the world’s leading experts on agricultural mitzvot (biblical laws) is Rabbi Yosef Efrati. When he met the leaders of “Zo Artzeinu / Israel Trees” he told them to publicize these words:


“People around the world, who buy fruit trees for farmers to plant in Israel, are considered partners in all of the mitzvot (laws) including Shmitta!”

7 Species and Nutrition


There are seven specific foods that formed the basic nutrition of the ancient Israelites. They were Wheat, Barley, Dates, Figs, Pomegranates, Grapes, and Olive. Click Here

PLANTING HAS BEGUN! - Order trees & we'll plant them.

The AWESOME Yeshivat Hakotel boys woke up early sun morning, headed to the Judean Hills south of Jerusalem at the crack of dawn said the morning prayer at dawn. They then grabbed some shovels and started digging and planting many types of fruit trees in Arugot farms. It was truly a pleasure to have them join Zo Artzeinu planting fruit trees and creating new roots, life, and mitzvot in Israel.

When you come to the land plant FRUIT trees”

Leviticus 19:23 ויקרא

The Torah (Bible) instructed;

"Plant FRUIT trees when entering the land" Leviticus 19:23

The Torah (Bible) says;

"And I will bless those who bless you" (Genesis 12:3 בְּרֵאשִׁית) I וַאֲבָרְכָה, מְבָרְכֶיךָ


Planting Fruit trees, brings blessing to the people and the Land!

R. Yochanan Ben Zakai said over 2,000 years ago;

"If you find out Mashiach (The Messiah) has finally arrived while you are holding a tree, plant the tree first, only THEN can you greet Mashiach.

אִם הָיְתָה נְטִיעָה בְּתוֹךְ יָדָךְ וְיֹאמְרוּ לָּךְ "הֲרֵי לָךְ הַמָּשִׁיחַ", בּוֹא וּנְטַע אֶת הַנְטִיעָה וְאַחַר כָּךְ צֵא  וְהַקְבִּילוֹ

(אבות דרבי נתן ל"א ב)

The Great G"RA from Villna; sent students to Israel in the 1800's and told them.

"If only Hashem would grant me the merit to plant a FRUIT tree in Jerusalem, I can fulfill the commandment {When you come to the land plant FRUIT trees}"


HaRav Melamed; The Biblical importance of Planting FRUIT Trees in the Holy Land Click Here

Partner with a Farmer in Israel Share in the Blessing!

"I will Ordain my Blessing"   (Leviticus 25:21)

Planting trees in Israel is such an important Biblical Mitzvah 

that the Chief Sephardi Rabbi who served in 1948 when the state was established, Rav Ben Tzion Meir Hai Uziel, composed a special prayer to be said when planting trees in the Land of Israel.

One should say this prayer when physically planting a tree

or after ordering one online as well. Click Here

You too CAN have a share in the Biblical Mitzvoth which are only applicable in Israel.

AMAZING psak (legal ruling) from R. Efrati head of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Law for Agricultural Settlements בית מדרש להלכה בהתישבות and former assistant שמש to Harav Shalom Elyashiv, on how you too can partner with a farmer from anywhere in the world and SHARE in the mitzvot. AMAZING! Click Here

Exclusive interview with Farmers on the Gaza border in the south of Israel.

Thousands of fruit trees were burned and destoyed by arson terror attacks from Hamas fire kites . Hear a personal and first hand account of what happend to farmers on the Gaza border. Click Here

Hillel Yeshiva Planting an Orchard!

Hillel Yeshiva of Deal NJ has a beautiful orchard growing in the Golan hights. All the students helped create this orchard by ordering trees for the farmers in the Golan. On their recent senior trip to Israel the older students got to check out their very own schools orchard and plant another 100 trees with their very own hands! To see a  video Click Here 

An Orchard grows at a School in New York 

Many schools have a beautiful tree growing in school which represents a REAL orchard growing in Israel. As the students and families help plant fruit trees in Israel towards their very own orchard, they add leaves to a tree poster in their school which shows a reperesentation of their orchard growing in the Holy Land of Israel. For School Programs Click Here

During springtime March-May, people say a blessing on fruit trees all over the wold.

To see a worldwide map of fruit trees Click Here

In the NEWS!

President of Israel Planting Fruit Trees with Zo Arteinu 

Israeli's president Rubi Rivlin planting avocado trees in Moshav Yavul in southern Israel near the Gaza boarder. The president traveled to the south of Israel to show his support for the farmers and express his admiration for them living in the Negev (desert) and turning it into a growing, thriving and productive oasis.

Former Speaker of the Knesset 

Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett cofounders of Zo Artzeinu helping plant 600 Fruit Trees near Shilo site of the Biblical Tabernacle. Trees were sponsored by lovers of Israel from around the world.

MK "Planting FRUIT trees in Israel Fullfills the Biblical Mitzvot and is one of the BEST ways to show God & the world we are here to STAY"

Ethiopian Jews in Beer Sheva

Prepping the land in Beer Sheva for an urban orchard with our Jewish brothers who immigrated from Ethiopia. This improves the Negev, unites the residents around a project that feeds them and teaches about self sustainability as well. Zo Artzeinu member also teach them how to keep the Biblical Mitzvot with these trees and their fruits.

New Olive trees in the South

Surveying and planning NEW olive orchards with Shmuel Rappaport the great grandson of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l orchard manager and Torah scholar par excellence and Tifrach in the south of Israel. Rav Moshe Feinstein was one of the Gadol Hador, leading Jewish Biblical and legal expert in Jewish law and ethics in the USA for many decades.

How to Keep Shmitta from

anywhere in the world

Organization to Plant 10,000 Fruit Trees for Murdered Teens & Soldiers

Partner with a Farmer in Israel Share in the Blessing!

"I will Ordain my Blessing"   (Leviticus 25:21)

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Rabbi Berel Wein

“Zo Artzeinu is a Reliable Organization.

They have a good track record of planting trees and keeping the Mitzvos" (Biblical Commandments)

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