Turning death into life

Turning death into life - an Israeli organization's answer to Hamas

Hamas wanted to terrorize and inflict death

we have decided to respond with LIFE!


By Shmuel Sackett

Now that the war in Israel has ended, the time has arrived to leave the bomb shelters and give the best response possible:


Hamas wanted death? We will respond with LIFE!


An interesting project has begun - and has immediately entered into high gear since time is of the essence. In the exact areas where over 1,000 rockets and missiles fell, Israeli farmers will plant 100,000 new fruit trees!

That's a ratio of 100-1. Many of these new fruit trees will be planted in the actual holes made by the rockets!


What a positive response to hate and destruction! Fruit trees means new life, sustenance, food, drink and blessings. A cup of wine to bless the Sabbath, olive oil to light the Menorah and much more. But please note; these 100,000 trees must be planted in the coming DAYS… yes, DAYS since the Biblical Shmitta (Sabbatical) year begins in Israel on the Jewish new year of Rosh Ha'Shanah (Sept 24th). From that moment, no planting trees of any kind will be permitted in the Holy Land for one complete year!


"For six years you may plant your fields… but the seventh year is a Sabbath of Sabbaths for the land. It is G-d's Sabbath during which you may not plant your fields…" (Leviticus 25:3-4)


The largest organization in Israel for planting fruit trees, "Zo Artzeinu" (Hebrew for "This Is Our Land") will be spearheading this project and making sure everything is done properly. Israeli farmers are preparing the ground right now and have begun the back-breaking work. They will do all the physical labor but need your help in purchasing the actual tree and sophisticated drip irrigation system. This system is fully computerized and uses minimal water in irrigating the fields. Israel has actually installed many of these systems in poor African countries which has helped millions of starving people.


You can become a partner with the Israeli farmer by planting a tree from the comfort of your home! ​​ You can fill out a simple form ​on our website and purchase as many trees as you wish.


​These trees will be planted by the farmers before Shmitta. ​The money will immediately be sent to the farmers who will use it to purchase BOTH the trees and the computerized drip irrigation system. If we move quickly - and the deadline is rapidly approaching - we can plant all 100,000 fruit trees by the Rosh Ha'Shanah (Sept 24th) deadline. Hurry - please respond quickly. 


This is a GREAT way to bring blessing into your life! ​God promises to bless anyone who helps​ keep Shmitta the Biblical Sabbatical year.


"I will ordain My blessing for you" (Leviticus 25:20)


Finally, when you come to Israel, it will be our pleasure to take you to these fields! Imagine your happiness when you see your dream bearing fruit - literally!!! But there's more. This project is not only a great response to the enemy of Israel, it is actually the best way to insure an everlasting peace!


"Keep My decrees and safeguard My laws. If you keep them, you will live in the land securely. The land will produce its fruit, and you will eat your fill, thus living securely in the land… I will direct My blessing to you…" (Leviticus 25:18-21)


​Partner with a farmer, Share in the Blessing.

Plant a fruit tree TODAY before Shmitta.

Rabbi Berel Wein

“Zo Artzeinu is a Reliable Organization.

They have a good track record of planting trees and keeping the Mitzvos" (Biblical Commandments)

When you order trees we will mail a beautiful personalized certificate to you or anyone!

Dedicate Trees in Honor or Memory of Loved Ones

Makes a Meaningful Gift!

If you can not donate one full tree, you can still Share in the Blessing and Donate any amount by clicking on the Donate button below ↓

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