Tree Planting Prayer תפילת הנוטע

Planting trees in Israel is such an important religious duty that the Chief Sephardi Rabbi who served in 1948 when the state was established, Rav Ben Tzion Meir Hai Uziel, composed a special prayer to be said when planting trees in the Land of Israel.


The prayer includes:


1 an appeal to God for the necessary rain and dew to enable the tree to prosper;

2. a request that the blessing cause the tree to root deeply in the land; and

3. to “strengthen the hands of our brothers who work the holy land,”

    planting fruits, vegetables, and trees that beautify the land.


One should say this prayer when physically planting a tree, or after ordering online

EVEN during Shmitta. The trees will then be planted immediately when Shmitta ends.


During the month of Nissan Apr-May say this Fruit Tree Blessing anywhere in the world

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