About the Cost of Fruit Trees

Why do Fruit Trees cost more to plant...

than the less expensive pine and spruce trees???


Unlike non-fruit trees that you can set and forget

it takes A LOT to plant FRUIT trees!


1. Find a suitable location and purchase it.

2. Prepare the land by clearing away rocks and thorn bushes.

3. Bring water, electric and other infrastructure to the site.

4. Install a fence around the entire area to keep away the animals.

5. Turn over, flatten and fertilize the soil.

6. Install a computerized irrigation system.

7. Strategically plan and carefully plant all the trees.

8. Weed, water, fertilize, prune for 3 years without selling the fruit (Orlah).

9. AFTER 4 years farmers can finally redeem the fruits (Neta Revai).

10. On the 7th year (Shmitta) no pruning or selling the produce.

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The Planting FRUIT trees fulfills the Mitzvah (Commandment) to plant FRUIT trees when entering and returning to the land of Israel as stated in

(Leviticus 19:23 ויקרא)


וְכִי תָבֹאוּ אֶל הָאָרֶץ וּנְטַעְתֶּם כָּל עֵץ מַאֲכָל

When you come to the Land of Israel plant FRUIT trees


The reason Moshe (Moses) wanted to enter the land of Israel so much

was to fulfill the Mitzvot “Ha'Tluyot Ba'Aretz” (Biblical laws applicable only in the land of Israel) such as: Orlah, Netta Rivai, Shmitta, T'Rumot, Ma'asrot, K'layim, Bikurim etc...


Everyone who purchases a fruit tree to be planted by a farmer in Israel is a partner with the farmer in ALL the mitzvot that Moshe (Moses) wanted to fulfill but never had the chance. 


It's also a LOT less expensive than flying to Israel to perform all these mitzvot:)


"וְצִוִּיתִי אֶת-בִּרְכָתִי לָכֶם"

Partner with a Farmer and Share the Blessing!

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About the cost of Fruit Trees
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Rabbi Berel Wein

“Zo Artzeinu is a Reliable Organization.

They have a good track record of planting trees and keeping the Mitzvos" (Biblical Commandments)

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