Up and Close with a 2,000 Year Old Baby Judean Palm Tree.


Yishai Fleisher heads south to visit the Arava Institute and the date palm they are growing from a 2,000 year old seed. The growth of this ancient seed against all odds surprised the scientists who nurtured it. Arava’s Dr. Elaine Solowey describes the miraculous process of bringing the ancient seed back to life and growing it into a young tree. As the Jewish people tenaciously cling to the Land of Israel, this little seedling hangs in there with them.


Videography: Yishai Fleisher
Video Editing: Yocheved Seidman
Background Music: Michael Levy

for more from the Arava Institute: http://arava.org
for more from Michael Levy: http://www.ancientlyre.com/

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