Where do we plant fruit trees?

Zo Artzeinu plants Fruit trees all across Israel from the Golan in the North

to the Negev in the South, with a focus on Biblical Cities.

  • The Golan הגולן

  • Tsfat צפת - The Ancient Mystical Holy City

  • The Galil הגליל

  • Elon Moreh אלון מורה - Avhraham Avinu's first stop in Israel

  • Havat Gilad חוות גלעד

  • Yitzhar יצהר - Overlooking Sh'chem שכם the burial place of Josef יוסף הצדיק

  • Givat Arnon גבעת ארנון - in the mountains of Itamar 

  • Aish Kodesh אש קודש - A young agricultural heaven near Shilo

  • Shilo שילה - Where the Mishkan stood for 367 years

  • Bet El בת אל - Mentioned 2nd most times in Tenach (right after Jerusalem)

  • Kidron קדרון - Near Ashdod

  • Jerusalem ירושלים - Israels eternal capital

  • Efrat אפרת - Where Yaakov was travelling when he buried Rachel Imenu

  • Ma'ale Amos מעלה עמוס - Overlooking the Dead Sea

  • Hebron חברון - The burial place of Adam Eve and our Forefathers

  • Havat Ma'on חוות מעון - Where King David Dwelled

  • Susya סוסיה - An Ancient Biblical City

  • Otni'el אתניאל - In the shouth near Susya

  • Shuva שובה - Near S'derot

  • Tifrach תפרך - North of Be'er Sheva

  • Be'er Sheva באר שבע - Where Avraham Avinu himself planted his first tree

  • Yevul יבול - On the Egypt and Gaza Boarder 

  • Orleeya אורליה - Near Sde Boker Ben Gurion home, who developed the south.

  • Mitzpe Ramon מצפה רמון - In the Negev הנגב 

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Rabbi Berel Wein

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