Farmers and comunities

Meet some of the farmers and the comunities they live in, hear their stories and be inspired. More videos coming. Check back soon.

Prayer when Planting a Fruit Tree in Israel תפילת הנוטע

Full text in English and Hebrew can be read here

Group Planting in Kfar Tapuach with David Haivri

Group Planting in Kfar Tekoa Daled

Planting a NEW Vineyard in Bet El and dedication

Mixed Grove with Amnon at Merchaveh David - Bat Ayin

Grape Vineyard in Ma'ale Amos with Yoni 

Moshav Arugot Fig Orchard with Yaakov Papo

Risking their Lives to Plant at the Livni Farm near Hebron

Assaf Brothers-Moshav Sde Moshe Pomegranates & Nectarines

On the Egypt GAZA Border! Moshav Yevul with Chanan

How keeping Shmitta saved thousands of lives!!!

The IDF has released this video explaining the story of how keeping Shmitta enabled them to thwart the terror tunnel attack right next to Moshav Yavul where friends of Zo Artzeinu helped plant thousands of fruit trees.

Amazing Argan trees in the Negev with Yoni

Chavat Gilad (Shomron) with Shalom David

Moshav Shuva; the Baruch Family - Northern Gaza Border!

Lessons from a Carob Tree with Daniel

Be'er Sheva Urban Planting Project

Chavat Ma'on with Yisachar Manne

See Chavat Ma'on & how Yisachar reacts to decendents of NAZIS on his farm.

Tifrach north of Beer Sheva

Pomegranates in Eish Kodesh with Mati

Eish Kodesh in the Shomron

Givat Aranon, Itamar with Ari Pollack - Startup Winery

Yonatan in the Golan

Schools in Israel Planting Fruit Trees

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