Planting trees in Israel is such an important religious duty

that the Chief Sephardi Rabbi who served in 1948 when the state was established, Rav Ben Tzion Meir Hai Uziel, composed a special prayer to be said when planting trees in the Land of Israel.

One should say this prayer when physically planting a tree

or after ordering one online as well.

About the Cost of Fruit Trees

Why do Fruit Trees cost more to plant...

than the less expensive pine and spruce trees???

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Exclusive interview with Shloime Cohen in the town of Dolev

Over 10,000 fruit trees were burned and destoyed by arson terror in Nov. 2016. Hear a personal and first hand account of what happend to Shloime and the people in Dolev.

Planting Trees in the Holy Land!

by Rav Melemed Head of the Yeshiva in Har Bracha

Important lessons and Torah (Biblcal) sources about the significance planting fruit trees in Israel.

The Seven Species in the Torah (Bible)

While the Land of Israel is blessed with many fruits, the seven have a special status. They symbolize the Land of Israel and the connection between the Jewish people and this land. Five of them are Fruit trees which Zo Artzeinu focuses on planting regularly. Olives, Grapes, Figs, Pomegranates and Date trees.

The Holy IDF heroes sacrifice their lives to protect Israel

and the entire civilized world from Genocidal Terrorists.

Let's plant some trees in memory of the IDF heroes!

We will not just use the ground

                                                to bury them...

We will use the ground to plant NEW life!

Up Close and Personal

With a 2,000 Year Old Baby Judean Palm Tree. 

Yishai Fleisher heads south to visit the Arava Institute and the date palm they are growing from a 2,000 year old seed!

You too CAN perform Mitzvoth only applicable in Israel.

AMAZING Psak (ruling) from Harav Efrati head of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Halacha for Agricultural Settlements בית מדרש להלכה בהתישבות and former assistant שמש to Harav Shalom Elyashiv, on how you too can partner with a farmer from anywhere in the world and SHARE in the mitzvot. AMAZING! Click Here

AMAZING Miracle Shmitta Grapes 

Amazing true story with Ariel BenShitrit a grape farmer who runs the vineyard in Yitzhar. Read what happend to his grapes before last Shmitta (Sabbatical year)

AMAZING Miracle Banana Field Story

Amazing true story with Gibor Koach a banana farmer, who decided to keep Shmitta (the Sabbatical year) for the first time in his life after many years of farming.

How keeping Shmitta saved thousands of lives!!!

IDF video explaining the story of how keeping Shmitta enabled them to thwart the terror tunnel attack next to a Moshav where friends of Zo Artzeinu helped plant thousands of fruit trees.

The Challenge of Shmitta

by: Rabbi Alan Haber

Shmitta: The Secret of Seven

The cycle of 7 is the key to connect back to the ultimate reality. 

by Rabbi Doniel Baron

The Kosher Consumer’s Guide to Shmitta

Rabbi Alan Haber

Alon Shevut, Israel

Download this informative and instuctional guide to all the Halachot (Laws) of Shmitta

Turning death into LIFE!


Hamas wanted to terrorize and inflict death we have decided to respond with LIFE!

By Shmuel Sackett

Shiva (mourning) visit to the 3 families. 

People from all over the world ordered fruit trees to be planted for the 3 the boys. MANY requested that the certificates be delivered to the Yifrach, Shaar, and Frenkel families... 

Zo Artzeinu Launches MASSIVE tree planting campaign 

to plant 3,000 Fruit trees in the location that the 3 boys were murdered. They Murder 3, We Plant 3,000 NEW fruit trees! 

Tu B’Shevat in Williamsburg with Yishai Fleisher

Amazing Seder for Tu B'Shvat in Williamsburg with Satmer Chasidim.

Yishai skillfully explains the torah's (bible's) perspective on the state of Israel and the mitzvot (commandmaents) that can only be performed there.

Audio: Sowing the seeds of creation,

vs. seeds of destruction

Interview with Shlomo Walfish SECONED half

Audio: Jon Kaye Interview with

Shlomo Walfish & Melanie Danan @ 25:00

Rabbi Berel Wein:

Rosh Yeshiva, World Renowned Torah Scholar

Historian, Author and founder of the Destiny Foundation


“Zo Artzeinu is a Reliable Organization. They have a good track record of planting trees and keeping the mitzvos."

See inspiring videos of farmers and their communities all over Israel. From the north to the south and in-between. 

Hear their amazing and uplifting stories 

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Celebrate Israels 70th Birthday 

Help plant 70 NEW Orchards!

When you order trees we will mail a beautiful personalized certificate to you or anyone!

Dedicate Trees in Honor or Memory of Loved Ones

Makes a Meaningful Gift!

Rabbi Berel Wein

“Zo Artzeinu is a Reliable Organization.

They have a good track record of planting trees and keeping the Mitzvos" (Biblical Commandments)

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